What is a Diabetic Diet?

So what is a diabetic diet – it’s a diet that helps you to stabilize your blood sugar levels. It’s really about eating what is right for your body. There is no special food as such, it’s just about eating the right food. In reality a diabetic diet is the ideal diet for anyone, not just diabetics. So if you are the only member of your family with diabetes, or prediabetes, you can all eat the same food and the whole family will benefit from the diet.

What causes diabetes

Normally your body produces insulin to calm any spikes in blood sugar levels caused by what you have eaten. The more sugary and carbohydrate type food you eat the more insulin your body needs to provide to stabilize your blood sugar. There are two types of diabetes – with type 1 the pancreas just doesn’t produce insulin. Type 2 is usually created by past diet and lifestyle choices where diabetes is basically the result of your body losing its battle to stabilize your blood sugar effectively.

If you have been told that you have pre-diabetes (or are pre-diabetic) then your body is starting to fail you and now is definitely the time to take a long look at your diet and lifestyle and make changes to stop yourself becoming a full blown diabetic. Diabetes can lead to further health complications affecting your eyes and nerves and other conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease and obesity so it is important to take control as soon as possible.

Our blood feeds the cells in our body and our cells need glucose for energy but, as you can see from the video, insulin is the key to the glucose getting into the cells. If the glucose can’t get into the cells then our blood sugar will rise and cause problems.

Controlling diabetes

Insulin can only be administered by injection. If it was taken orally then it would be destroyed in your stomach before reaching your blood stream. So, if you are taking medication for diabetes then this will not be helping your bodies ability to allow the glucose into your cells it will be merely reducing the sugar in your blood either by:

  1. Encouraging your pancreas to produce more insulin.
  2. Reducing the amount of glucose produced by your liver
  3. Stopping your stomach enzymes from breaking down the carbohydrates in your food

None of these methods are curing your diabetes. To do this you need the insulin to be able to open the locks on the cell doors to let the glucose out of your blood and into your cells and in order to do this you need to change your diet.

Reversing or curing diabetes

Most people believe that diabetes can’t be cured – and no with medication it can’t because medication is about controlling your diabetes not reversing or curing it but you can reverse diabetes by changing your diet, by cutting out the foods that are causing your diabetes.

If you are already diabetic you can reverse it. It isn’t going to happen overnight. You didn’t become diabetic overnight and you won’t be able to put things right overnight either but the sooner you start taking control of what you eat then the sooner you can get your body back to normal.

If you are prediabetic you can stop yourself from progressing to the stage where you need to start taking medication and if you are already taking medication for type 2 diabetes you can stop yourself from developing full blown diabetes so that you never need to start taking insulin. In fact by continuing with a healthier diet diabetes can be reversed and you can be completely free of your diabetes and diabetes pills.

Eating the right foods can stop your high blood sugar levels and support your pancreas to enable it to produce enough insulin.

What to eat?

Many people don’t think of humans as animals. We may be very sophisticated animals but we are animals none the less. Like other animals our bodies were intended to get their fuel (food) from nature. Our bodies have adapted to eat a huge variety of foods but in order to function correctly our bodies still need vitamins and minerals from good natural food.

It has been proven that the higher the nutritional value of the food the less you need to eat to survive. This is why you can eat a huge plateful of burger and fries and still be hungry. This is because your body is still hungry – hungry from vitamins and minerals!

When you first start eating healthier you may still feel hungry because you are used to bigger meals and more food and you need to retrain your body but you will soon be satisfied by eating less because in reality your body will be getting more.
What about exercise?

The thought of exercising can be quite daunting but again take it at a steady pace. There is no need to rush out and join a gym. Take each day at a time and try to do a little more each day.

Walking is good exercise. Start by walking for fifteen minutes or so then each day try and walk a little further and a little faster. Try to get a little breathless from your exercise as this gets your blood pumping!

Swimming is another great way to exercise and especially good if you are overweight because the water will help takes the pressure off of your joints and help to tone up your skin. If you are overweight then you might not feel comfortable about going swimming in public but this will change as your diet and walking progresses and you start to see a difference and feel more confident.