Paleo Diet Information

The Paleo diet is essentially about the improvement of your diet.

It is developed from the theory that the genes in the bodies of humans today actually resulted from the life conditions formed hundreds of thousands of years ago in the trail of evolution—the caveman era.

Farming and cultivation of agricultural produces such as wheat have only been introduced 10,000 years ago, thus, it is reported that modern bodies have not yet adapted to digest these foods properly. Basically, it takes a longer time for the human metabolism to become adapted to varied lifestyles. When you perform some calculations, the modern humans have not yet completed enough time for their genes to be completely adapted to eating legumes, grains and dairy products. This is the reason why a lot of people suffer from digestive problems because of today’s diets.

The Paleo diet is essentially based in what the cavemen used to eat—fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meats.

This means that processed food should be eliminated. All in all, Paleo diet says that if a food comes in a can or box, you should not eat it. Moreover, there is a number of foods where the Paleo diet revolves around. The main key of the Paleo diet is the consumption of lean meat. You are also allowed to eat some organ meats such as tongues and livers. Even though the cavemen did not normally eat dairy products, they ate eggs, too. However, there is a limit of a maximum of six eggs per week. Nuts may also be eaten while on the Paleo diet. These are efficient sources of monounsaturated fats that are considered good fats. It helps lower cholesterol levels and decreases the risk of cardiac arrest. It also helps in the reduction of the risks of cancers such as breast cancer. But, if you are following the Paleo diet to lose weight, nuts consumption should be minimized as it has a lot of calories. But since this diet will improve your metabolism, you can eat as much nuts as you want later on.

While the key guideline in the Paleo diet is the avoidance of boxed or canned foods, there are also other foods that belong to the off-limits group. As you might have already assumed, cavemen did not know of soda machines so sugar-filled drinks such as sodas should not be consumed. Actually, sugar is not allowed generally and that includes sweeteners and syrups. Products that are based or made with grains are also not allowed such as cookies, rolls, pancakes, etc. And since the cavemen did not eat dairies, products like cheese, butter, creams and milk, among others, should not also be consumed.

Even though the Paleo diet does not allow many usual food options, it offers a lot of benefits.

The Paleo diet is essentially composed of high-protein meals. Studies show that if an average individual eats such diet for a period of six months, he or she could lose up to fifteen pounds. When incorporated with physical activity, you can lose even more weight. This makes the Paleo diet a great option for those who want to become healthier and fitter.