Eat Like a Caveman on the Paleolithic Diet

cavemanNormally, when the word “cavemen” is mentioned, one would think about long tangled hair, animal skins and clubs. But typically, you would not come to think about a caveman’s diet and how it was composed of nothing but pure and healthy foods.

Cavemen, as we know of them, have lived before the agriculturally revolutionized period that we are now living in and they are absolutely fit and healthily athletic. They used to hunt and gather food and in order for them to thrive, they must walk long distances to search for game animals as well as fruits such as berries and nuts. Whenever food becomes scarce in an area, they need to relocate in order to get better rations someplace else.

The caveman Paleolithic diet, Paleo diet can be considered as the oldest existing diet.

Basically, the farming of wheat did not start until some 10,000 years ago. The Paleolithic Era actually ended some 20,000 years ago. Since genes is known to take many thousands of years to eventually adapt an individuals’ metabolism and natural physiology to varying lifestyles, it is understandable that some people experience digestive problems when they consume legumes, grains and dairy products which were unavailable in the Paleolithic Era.

The Caveman Paleolithic Diet, paleo diet requires elimination of processed and packaged foods which includes cereal and wheat grains, breads, pastries, bagels, cookies and donuts, among others.

All of these were basically unavailable during the caveman days. Since cavemen did not know of dairy products, the Paleolithic Diet also removes dairies like cheese, milk, butter, etc. However, this does not mean that you are left with no food options. Cavemen used to eat fresh vegetables and fruits and a lot of animal protein.

However, the meat that cavemen consume is nothing but lean cuts. Moreover, the animals that they hunt for did not eat hormone-modified diets. In Paleo diet, it is necessary to eat meat that come from animals that eat nothing other than pasture and grass. Lean meat cuts include lean pork, pork loin, pork chops, top sirloin steak, lean beef and flank steak. The fat should be removed. Eating hamburgers is also allowed as long as it contains fat not exceeding 7%. Poultry is also allowed such as chicken, turkey and game-hem breast. Organ meats may also be consumed including lamb, beef, chicken and pork livers. Lamb, beef and pork tongues may also be tried. Cavemen also eventually ate eggs so you can also eat some, as long as you limit your consumption to six eggs weekly.

The Caveman Paleolithic diet, Paleo diet is known to allow your body absorb nutrients better and more effectively.

Through this diet, you give your body a balanced dose of minerals and vitamins. Moreover, completing your diet with fresh plant produces and lean meat slows down the digestive system. Through this, your body’s blood sugar is maintained and stabilized, plus, your appetite will be regulated. You will feel full longer, thus, the amount of food consumption will be decreased and you will lose the tendency to over eat.